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We offer variation of classes including Kid Karate class, Kid Taekwondo class, Kid Jiujitsu class, Muaythai Fit class, Thai Boxing, MMA basic class, MMA class, Jiujitsu, Karate MMA, Yoga. Qualified instructors from Japan, Thailand and Brazil represent Zendokai Shingi Dojo. They are all professional instructors with long experience in teaching Budo and  sport activities, many of them are also professional fighter sportmen in competitions. Members of Zendokai Shingi Dojo can join any class available, except yoga, at all branches.

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Class informationMonthly adult members can participate in every class except yoga classes.

Kid Karate class*All Kid classes are reserved for kids  4-15 years old only. 

For 4 – 15 years children, divided into young kid class and teen kid class. Classes offer students proper discipline, etiquette and manner both in Budo training and in everday life. All instructors are focus firstly on the safety of students. Kids will reach the goal of training both physical and mind, and  also experience determination, patience in training. 

Muaythai Fit class

The Muaythai Fit class suits best to those who never train in Muaythai(or Thai Boxing) before. Students will learnd basic techniques of Muaythai with proper training, not too hard, in air conditioned class. We offer many classes: morning, afternoon, evening, and  lateevening classes that students can choose.  

Karate MMA class

The students will learn from basic techniques of striking – punch and kick, throwing, taking down, pad work & mitt training, and also self-defense techniques. After basic training, students will be available for sparring training in many levels. The Karate MMA classes suit well for student who never train in fighting sports but looking for training that will give them physical strength and self-defenses experience.

GRABAKA BJJ (Jiu-Jitsu) class

Students will be trained in techniques of Jiujitsu for both sportive application, which also included MMA techniques, and  self-defense application. After proper training sessions in advance techniues, female students are expected to be able to use jont-locking techniques to control physical stronger men. Beside of Budo techniques, weight trainings and stamina trainings are used for development of strength and endurance condition of students which also good for weight-loss goals.

MMA class

MMA classes are divided into 2 levels: Basic MMA and (standard) MMA. From Basic MMA class, students will learn all basic exercises, techniques, and skill with few sparring sessions to strenghthen their physical and psychological condition. More advanced and intense to the next level is MMA - standard class which goes mainly beyond basics with more sparrings and scenario training so the student will gain more experience and skills of both competitions, amature to professional, and real life self-defense. MMA classes are available in Prakhanong branch and Shingi Fight Fit Sukhumvit 11 branch.

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Our locations are the following.

Phrakhanong branch

1511/1-4 Sukhumvit Rd, Purakhanong-Nua Wattana Bangkok 10110

RainHill Phrompong branch

Rain Hill 4F 47 Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Tan Nuea, Khet Watthana, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110

Sriracha branch

Golden City Soi1 Surasak, Cholburi, Chon Buri, Thailand 20110


Ekkarin Tongma
-Member of Zendokai Thailand Committee -Coach of Thai National Jujitsu team
-Former Thai National Taekwondo athlete
-Competed in First World Daidojuku full contact Karate
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Yasuhisa Sugimoto
-Shingi Dojo Manager / Instructor
-Former Ground SDF
-Former elementary school teacher
Taniguchi Teruaki
-Muay Thai and Muay Thai cardio instructor
Washiraya Akiyama (Pare)
-General manager of Shingi Dojo
Tomoharu Uchida
Black Belt
-Thailand Amateur MMA Champion 2Times
Ryuun Watanabe
-Member of Zendokai Committee and instructor of Karate MMA for kids and adults and Muay Thai cardio
Natthatorn Tampiyanan(Kyo)
-Professional MMA fighter
-Instructor of basic MMA technic
-Instructor of Muay Thai and Muay Thai for cardio
Kittichet sapworasawul (Kom)
-Professional MMA fighter
-Professional Muay Thai fighter
Payoongsak Singchalad (Nat)
-Professional MMA fighter
-Thai National Jujitsu athlete

Honorary advisor

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